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Are You A First Time Dumpster Renter? What To Ask

If you are cleaning out an old house and you know that everything from furniture, to clothes and appliances will end up in the trash, you may want to get a dumpster. A dumpster that is set on the property for you to use for a short period of time is one of the easiest and most economical ways to get rid of everything at once. There are a few things you want to talk with each rental company about when you call to ask about pricing and availability, including the following.

Cost Per Load

It isn't uncommon to fill up the dumpster more quickly than you thought you would, and to need to have it dumped out before the end of your project. In case this happens, you want to know how much it's going to cost each time you need it dumped. This can vary greatly with companies so get the exact amount and compare the rate when you compare the costs and sizes.

Sizes Available  

Accurately estimating the size of dumpster you need will be important, because you don't want to pay for a much larger unit than you'll need, but you also don't want to go too small and end up paying to have the unit dumped several times. Compare the rates with sizes available at different companies, and find out what models they have available to rent now. You may be able to get a bigger unit at a lower rate if one company doesn't have the size available that you need.

Liability for the Unit

Unfortunately, people may dump things into the dumpster that you don't know about it, and they can put dangerous materials or waste in the unit. Find out what the policy is if you find prohibited substances in the unit, or what would happen if someone jumped into the dumpster and got injured. Each rental company will have their own policies and consequences, and you may want to find a unit that has "no dumping" and "do not enter" marked on the dumpster so people stay away.

If you have never had a dumpster dropped off at your property, make sure you know how long you have it and what can go in it. If you're going to be lifting heavy items you'll want a unit that has a hatch door so you can open it and throw things in, and you may want to look at the units in advance. To learn more, contact a company like Tri-State Disposal