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Top 5 Hobbies That Help The Environment

Have you outgrown a hobby or looking for a new one for you and your family to enjoy? Are you also concerned with helping the environment? Why not combine the two? Here are five hobbies that help the environment:

1. Knitting and sewing

Knitting or sewing is a great hobby that reduces your carbon footprint. These are hobbies that require a lot of practice and patience, but eventually pay off. You can make your own clothes and accessories, blankets, and rugs. You can make wonderful, unique gifts for your loved ones. A store-bought scarf requires wasteful packaging, gas, and carbon emissions from transport. By making your own, you reduce the footprint.

2. Cooking

Become a good chef and learn how to make meals from scratch. Cooking is a hobby that is great for the environment since you control every aspect that goes into the food you make. You can purchase organic ingredients, support local farmers, and buy fruits and vegetables from farmers' markets. You reduce food waste since you can portion everything. Making a meal from scratch also reduces waste from food packaging.

3. Selling scrap metal

Selling scrap metal is a fun hobby that not only helps the environment, but can help you make some extra cash. Hunting for scrap metal will challenge you and keep you fit. Using a bike to haul your scrap metal reduces carbon emissions and gets you in shape. Here are general tips on looking for and selling scrap metal:

  • Look for household items that have been dumped including holiday lights, grills, toasters, car batteries, plumbing, and appliances.
  • Bring a magnet with you while hunting for scrap metal.
  • Look for copper, iron, and brass.
  • Collect enough to fill a full load onto a pickup truck for the biggest payday. This can be done in multiple trips on a bike.
  • Separate your scrap as much as possible before going to the yard. Separate magnetic and non-magnetic, as well as by type of metal.
  • Talk with a professional, like American Northwest Recycling, to see what you can recycle and what scrap metal is most valuable.

4. Reading and writing

Reading and writing are surprisingly green hobbies. Instead of watching TV on a snowy or rainy day, why not cuddle up with a good book and some hot cocoa? Having your TV turned off will save energy and electricity. To save trees, purchase secondhand books or read e-books on a tablet. Writing also saves electricity. Write on recycled paper or on your laptop. You can also make extra money by self publishing your work as an e-book through online retailers.

5. Thrifting

Buying secondhand and used items is the best way to help the environment while pursuing your love of shopping. You can also save a lot of money by purchasing everything from thrift stores. Check flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales for great deals. You can find high quality clothing, furniture, and home decor that will last for years and look amazing. If you find a unique treasure that you have no use for just flip it online for cash.

These are five fun hobbies that help the environment. Why not try one today?